Information about Mannatech

Founded in 1994, Mannatech Incorporated is a Science and development company based in Texas that develops and markets high-quality, science-based dietary supplements.

They use the direct sales marketing module to distribute their company that develops and markets high-quality, science-based dietary supplements. Mannatech’s headquarters are in Coppell, Texas.

Mannatech’s has a seamless international business plan is is currently operating in the following 23 countries:United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, Europe, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Mexico, Estonia, Finland, Republic of Ireland and Czech Republic.

Is Mannatech a scam?

This question comes up often because Mannatech has one of the most disruptive products on the Market and in the very competative Wellness industry.

Ask yourself:

  • Would a company last 21 Years if they were a scam?
  • Would a company last 21 Years with a 3 Month money back guarantee, if their products were “a sugar pill”?
  • Would a company be able to trade on NASDAQ for 15 years if they were a scam?
  • Would a company be able to get more than 100 patents on their products if they were a scam or didn’t work?

Why Mannatech

  • With M5M Foundation you can truly make a difference in the world by simply looking after your own family’s nutritional needs.
  • Our investment of over $50 million in research and product development has paid dividends in bringing Real Food Technology SolutionsSM to the wellness world.
  • Our Science Team is unmatched and has filed more than 100 patents worldwide for the technology behind our flagship Ambrotose® products, guaranteeing you some of the most unique products available in the marketplace.
  • Absolutely the industry leaders in Glyco-nutritional and Phyto-nutritional supplements. No other company even comes close to the same standard and whats more, with patents on this technology, this technology is untouchable.
  • Mannatech is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the name MTEX.
  • Mannatech was founded in 1994.
  • Mannatech is so confident that you will love and benefit from their products that they all have a 3 month FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.