The act of creating, organizing and managing an income-earning venture to serve an explicit social purpose. The primary mission of a socially entrepreneurial organization is to create value that benefits the health and well-being of individuals, society, or the natural environment, rather than to create wealth for shareholders. Social entrepreneurs draw upon principles and best practices developed in both the traditional business and non-profit worlds. Venture philanthropists and social venture funds are often sources of financial support for social entrepreneurs.


    • Identify a Global Problem that needs addressing.

Malnutrition certainly fits that category!

    • Find Innovative New Solutions.

Real Food Technology Solutions offered a revolutionary new approach to addressing malnutrition

    • Tap into the Passion of the Public

What stirs the hear of people more than the needs of children around the world.

    • Incentivise those who are willing to help with your mission.

The Network Marketing model of distribution could accomplish that better than any other business strategy.

In Aug 2013 Mannatech officially launched the Mission 5 Million or M5M movement.

M5M_LOGOMannatech annouched the official launch of its Mission 5 Million movement in Branson, Missouri. The Mission 5 Million movement, or M5M, represents the company’s commitment to linking five million consumers with five million children in need to help fight global malnutrition.

Leveraging the same technology used in creating their premium supplements based on Real Food Technology solutions, Mannatech created PhytoBlend™ powder, a potent product specifically designed to bolster the nutritional value of the food provided to children by relief organizations worldwide. Every time a Mannatech product is purchased on automatic order, a donation is made to M5M Foundation†, a non-profit organization, who distributes PhytoBlend powder to orphanages and relief organizations all over the world. This simple approach allows anyone to help nourish the world by nourishing themselves with Mannatech products.

In addition, Mannatech created the world’s first revenue-sharing rewards program for social entrepreneurship, allowing participants to earn income for championing the M5M movement by connecting consumers to Mannatech products. Combined with the company’s global infrastructure and patented product technologies, this revenue-sharing approach allows the company to actively incentivize those who champion the cause, aiming to shorten the timeline of reaching five million children in need.

†M5M Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization. It is not owned or operated by Mannatech, Incorporated.