The goodness of 12 dehydrated raw fruits and vegetables

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Mannatech’s Phyt·Aloe capsules include a specially formulated blend of 12 dehydrated raw fruits and vegetables.

To support wellness you should consume plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. These foods provide essential nutrients and antioxidents. The European recommendations for an average adult is 400g of fruit and vegetables a day – a recommendation that can be both difficult to achieve and costly to maintain.


How do Phyt•Aloe capsules compare with PhytoMatrix® tablets?

Our Phyt•Aloe capsules are composed of high-quality fruit and vegetable powders, but they are not standardised. Our Phyt•Aloe capsules are formulated to supplement fruit and vegetable intake, but do not provide the same vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient content as PhytoMatrix tablets. Our PhytoMatrix tablets are a food-sourced multivitamin/mineral/phytonutrient product containing natural ingredients. They are designed to provide essential vitamins, minerals and standardised amounts of phytonutrients. Taking both PhytoMatrix tablets and Phyt•Aloe capsules together may increase the benefit to your health, but one product does not replace the other.

I am allergic to aloe vera. Can I use products that contain Ambrotose complex?

Individuals with allergies or sensitivities to any ingredients in our products should always consult their personal physician before use.

What is a glyconutrient?

Glyconutrients are dietary supplement ingredients containing beneficial amounts of polysaccharides. Mannatech was among the first dietary supplement companies to recognise and capitalise on glyconutrient technologies.

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