Mannatech Launches Ūth Advanced Skin Matrix Rejuvenation Crème

New Skin Care Based on Mannatech’s Pioneering Work in Glycobiology

Mannatech®, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MTEX), the founder of the Mission 5 MillionSM social entrepreneurial movement and leading innovator of naturally-sourced supplements based on Real Food Technology® solutions, launched Ūth Advanced Skin Matrix Rejuvenation Crème, a revolutionary new skin care product based on their pioneering work in the science of glycobiology.

Ūth, pronounced “youth,” symbolizes ageless beauty whose time has come. The official launch of the skin care product took place at Mannatech’s M5M℠ Leadership Experience event in Frisco, Texas on November 9th, 2013. From November 1-7, the product was available for pre-order sales and pre-sales exceeded management expectations. Ūth will be available to the public for purchase later this week on

Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème releases your body’s natural ability to support beautiful, healthy skin through a new, patented microsphere delivery system that nourishes your skin with youth-inducing ingredients in a time-released pattern. This pattern optimizes the natural production of skin cells at all levels by delivering naturally sourced, complex sugars called glycans found in Manapol powder. The science of glycobiology is uncovering the way our bodies work at the cellular level. New research in this field has unlocked the knowledge of why our skin loses youthfulness as we age, and more importantly, how glycans provide the network that allows cells to communicate and spark our skin’s natural ability to strengthen itself. The science of glycobiology has decoded the secrets to healthier, younger-looking skin. Those discoveries are now available in Mannatech’s new product, Ūth.

Mannatech’s research and development team worked closely with internationally renowned dermatologist, Dr. Martin Kassir, to develop Mannatech’s Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème. Dr. Kassir utilized his extensive experience and research to mastermind the formulation in combination with Mannatech’s advanced glyconutrient technology. Dr. Kassir is double-board certified in both dermatology and internal medicine and specializes in cosmetic dermatology and laser procedures. His dermatology practice, in Dallas and New York City, caters to national and international clientele. Dr. Kassir has a B.A. from University of Texas at Austin; an M.D. from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas; and residencies from UT Southwestern Medical Center (internal medicine), and Kansas University Medical Center (dermatology), Kansas City. Learn more about Ūth with these videos: Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème by Mannatech and The Story of Ūth – Dr. Martin Kassir.

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